New design for Workspace?

I opened a repl of mine (this is an example) and saw this:

Does anything seem different? Yeah, the name of the repl and the Run button look weird. The Run button is smaller, and the name/title of the repl has no borders, and if you hover over it, the username pops out.
I turned on Explorer for about 10-20 minutes earlier, then turned it off after that. (Soon after I saw the above problem).
Is this an Explorer feature that didn’t get removed when I toggled it off? (I checked the switch, and it was off) Or is this just an update of the Replit workspace and I am merely making a mountain out of a molehill?
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, NateDhaliwal (My first formal ending to a topic)

P.S. All my repls have this.
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That honestly looks pretty bad. The title should probably be limited to space above the Explorer or something, and the Run button needs a bigger margin.

As in the role Explorer?

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Sorry, I meant like the file explorer. I’m not 100% sure what its even called on Replit though, cause it just says “Files” :laughing:

Slightly off-topic (sorry!): I call it the files sidebar when talking with others here.


I don’t get what the problem is here. It’s a UI update.

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Hmm. I preferred the older one.

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this new header is really unneeded & not really pleasant to look at. may I ask why there was a reason to make it look like this? there was no issues with the old header. atleast make it a setting to have compact or not. thanks


hi there, thanks for the feedback. we’re working on making the workspace UI denser overall so that you have more room for the important files and tools in your repls. hope that clears things up. always remember that if you use the product daily, you might be sensitive to smaller changes like this– give it a little bit of time and see if you still feel strongly about it in a week after using it!


The UI is looking good to me!


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