New design for the bounty page!

Hey people,

It’s Hugo! I’m here as always with a new update, that came a few days ago, and that I’m sure that everyone has seen. The bounties page got re-designed!

Now everything is easier to understand, it’s much more comfortable to work with. For example the filters aren’t anymore at the left, there at the top right. Then there are tags that tell the user if a bounty has been completed, on progress, open or closed. The colours for these tags go like this :

  • Open : Blue
  • In progress : Yellow
  • Completed : Green
  • Closed : Green

I really like the colours, but I’ve got an idea! What if you could choose the colour of these tags when you create a theme. I’d love to see this feature.

And then the 3 important sections :

  • All Bounties
  • Bounties I’ve Completed
  • Assigned Bounties

Are now at the top, making it easier to access them! I really like this change, for me it’s my favourite. Then we’ve got 2 more changes, the first one was a little bit hidden.

In the Sort By Recommended filter, the sort by cycles isn’t named like that anymore. It’s named Sort By Reward, and the filter has the same function. The only thing that has changed is the name.

And finally, the last change is the new Get Started button. This button helps bounty hunters and bounty authors, it gives some tips for both, and makes the experience comfortable.

Documentation links :

And that’s today’s update! I’m Hugo, also known as Hugoonreplit.


Love the new design, it looks very nice!

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open green
in progress (could you do a red cross)
completed green
closed black