New Curriculum: Build a Video Game with Kaboom.js

New curriculum just dropped in honor of our game jam this week!

Build a video game with your students with Kaboom.js! Built by yours truly and the creator of Kaboom himself.



I’m starting this unit with my students and am a bit confused about the unit overview vs. the lesson sequence. Am I understanding this correctly that the lesson sequence is intended to be used in a classroom, and that the overview is to be completed independently (or by the teacher)? Do they cover all of the same concepts and skills?

or am I overthinking it and I should just have students begin with the overview where it says “start here”?

Hey there! The Unit Overview is intended to give teachers a birds eye view of all of the unit contents. It can be helpful for students if they’d like to get an overview of the lessons and sequence, but it’s not required or intended for them.

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