New Console Woes

Anyone else running into issues with the new console on HTML repls? I’ve sent in a bug report but the new console was rolled into the accounts for all my students and it is causing nothing but headaches. The most glaring two issues are the fact that errors do not include the line number and that the console is taking up lots of real-estate with a font too large to really be useful.

Students are constantly having to hide the console to see their HTML previews and then turn it back on to see errors or logs. Errors give a lot of text and the font size in the console is quite big, so it wraps and scrolls all over the place with very little visible text at a time. The old console had a smaller footprint and the HTML preview window was next to it, not underneath it, so the console wasn’t in the way.

Yes, students can pop-out their site and use the browser dev tools, but you should see the look on the face of a 15 year old who doesn’t know how to code when they open that console for the first time. Talk about shell shock.

Mostly airing out a frustrating day for my poor students here but also wondering if anyone else is having the same problem(s)?

Also - why was the new console rolled out to all accounts so soon at the end of a school year? Could it not have waited and maybe been user-tested more to get feedback?

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I don’t believe there is a way to disable this manually. If you give @lena the usernames of the affected students she could probably have it reverted to the old console.