New console is cluttered and ugly

Describe your feature request
Please bring back the old console, the new one looks insanely ugly.
What problem(s) would this feature solve?
Not having to press the delete button every time I run the repl



What has happened to the console, rounded button, saving icon (that is now under files)!?


Technically that is only for Explorers right now. There are some things about it I don’t like but they did fix the bug I found.


or rather, please don’t decide to make this a normal feature


They changed the Console, apparently. The bar telling you the seconds of runtime has disappeared.


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Yes, I agree, this is unacceptable. Completely changed the way I have to debug and run my code. No, I don’t need to see every last version of my code being ran (with no way to close them) all cluttered together. I would be okay with this feature if there was a way to disable it, but they’re forcing it on everyone. This needs to change.


you can collapse them, or press the trash icon


I’m purely here to show my support for this feature request lol. My students hate it too lol


I request a setting or option to revert the console. People who like it can use it, people who don’t can use the old console.
Goes for most updates, really.


i find the new console unhelpful and distracting


That’s unrelated, I think you are talking about prybar functionality, removed way before this update. Prybar is still available as a template. Another way is to use python -i
Console for most languages has always been basically the shell, before the update.


re-categorising as Feedback/General Problems since it’s not really a “feature” you want to be added. It’s friction.
And at least in this case it makes more sense to index by specific issue than by the “solution” which Replit already expected to be requested. We don’t want another cluttered “Undo new replit UI”[1]. So, if anyone else has an issue of the new UI/console which doesn’t align with the title, please “reply as linked topic”.

but what does the ability to do so bring, other than convenience in the event that you do need it?

This new console is a good thing. It’s not only about viewing previous runs but about preventing packager errors from disappearing out of sight and presenting as confusing code issues. Issues that you didn’t know you could’ve found a solution for more quickly if you could capture the packager output.


I’d avoid an option for such trivial UI changes. Prefer consistency.

  • replace with ability to open a separate tab to view each previous console run
  • After running, scroll the current console session down to hide info about the previous session
  • After running, scroll down such that even the info on top of the current session isn’t shown, and have an initial dialog which prompts the user to “scroll up to see other runs, or the timestamp of this run”

  1. heh, this topic is turning into clutter that is centred towards issues with clutter as opposed to towards a change which had reduced clutter ↩︎


I agree that it helps you debug problems, the problem is it is not togglable. If I could capture the packager output (which I already do with logging) then that would be useful, but only as a feature that can be enabled or disabled on the go.


Additionally, I don’t find the convivence necessary, it clutters the interface and isn’t useful for most of my cases. I actually would like the feature, if it put the first result at the top instead of at the bottom, so I don’t have to look around for what my actual version of the code was. Then, I would agree. No degree of customization is offered however.


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Considering that I almost never use Replit, such a console is quite suitable for me :grin:

If there is an option, it shouldn’t be something which makes a significant difference to how you use the UI, e.g. I don’t think an option to disable the whole new feature is a good idea for collaboration etc.
How about it only shows the current console when you load the workspace but then when you scroll up well past the top of the console[1], it shows the previous runs.

Isn’t that what happens already? Please “reply as linked topic”[2] and elaborate more

  1. i.e. like the “scroll to refresh” on mobile apps ↩︎

  2. when you reply, click on the ⮫ symbol in the top left and there’ll be a dropdown which has the option ↩︎

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I would like to support this call to have an option to at least revert to the way the Console was.
Issues: (Java for example):
Compile errors 01: results of each compile appear stacked below each other - hard to discern which errors are for which compile and the ‘…->Console->Clear Console History’ doesn’t seem to clear compile errors.
Compile errors 02: Old console would show the cmd-line compile statement - so if needing to hand compile a file other than this could be done easily. This seems to be removed now.
I can’t imagine how the majority of users have a use-case to see the output of each distinct run stacked below each other - as it is now… I can see that this could be something someone may want to switch on but as default behaviour ??