New coder 😁 pls help me to learn basic to advanced

Hello sir , i am here for you…My boss:)


No idea you are referring to but the best is to do the 100 days tutorial of Replit.


Err… This is a forum, you’re not just talking to one person y’know


you called? (this is a joke)

I would suggest starting with then re enforcing what you learn from it with


I would suggest you look into #general #resource . I have some topics over there on how to use python libraries. You might want to take a look.

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Honestly, the best thing you can do is take an interactive course. This would include 100 Days of Code (which is a Python course),, which includes many different courses on different languages, and I believe it also has a course on choosing a language, and, which really takes interactivity to the next level.

Generally, I would avoid video tutorials, as my experiences with them are pretty boring, and I don’t end up actually practicing any of the skills taught in the videos.

Even better, if you are able, join some coding or robotics club at your school. This will make it easy to find help and learn quickly with your peers. You could also take some class or study computer science in college.