New catagories?

I think we should have bug reports and a feature reports category. Over the years months we have had many bug reports and feature requests. So to help keep #help and #code-help clean we should have a category for each or 1 with 2 sub-categories.


In code-help could you add javascript as a category?

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Yeah, that should be its subcategory and the #code-help:html-css-js.

remember, however, that nodeJS is not under the same category as client side js.

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True but it would be too messy to have a sub category for every single application for each technolegy.

js is a big technology tho. Might not want to miss that out. I mean, you already have C, and C++ as diff categories

So should we have these subcategories JS and Node.js

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From: @ReplitIronclad

My response:
That would certainly be nice. I did say that we should have a sub-category called Other languges. I even mentioned it before.


@ReplitIronclad I found where I said it before

You could add feature request category

I mentioned this in the OP.

All feature requests should go directly to not this forum

I was thinking about this and I think we should have the categories but make it clear that bugs and suggestions should be made through Replit and not here. The point of the categories would be to see if other people are experiencing the bug or if other people would like the feature.

I misread your post earlier so am editing my response.

Yes, it would be really useful if we could somehow feed in the feature requests which have already been logged via the ? icon and get further suggestions related to the feature from the community.

Well I was thinking if somebody thought of a feature but is not sure if others would like it they could make a topic asking for feedback and see what others think. If we do go ahead with the new cats I think its best to add a new field for the topic link (optional)

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We now have #bug-reporting. Leaving this open and involved since we don’t have a feature request cat.

We now also have #feature-requests