New catagories?

I think we should have bug reports and a feature reports category. Over the years months we have had many bug reports and feature requests. So to help keep #help and #code-help clean we should have a category for each or 1 with 2 sub-categories.


In code-help could you add javascript as a category?

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Yeah, that should be its subcategory and the #code-help:html-css-js.

remember, however, that nodeJS is not under the same category as client side js.

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True but it would be too messy to have a sub category for every single application for each technolegy.

js is a big technology tho. Might not want to miss that out. I mean, you already have C, and C++ as diff categories

So should we have these subcategories JS and Node.js

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From: @IroncladDev

My response:
That would certainly be nice. I did say that we should have a sub-category called Other languges. I even mentioned it before.


@IroncladDev I found where I said it before

You could add feature request category

I mentioned this in the OP.

All feature requests should go directly to not this forum