Need to use Secrets but Repl took away the secrets section for my bot?

Question: I’m trying to host a Twitch Bot via Repl but it doesn’t allow Secrets anymore?

**Repl link/Link to where the bug appears:

Basically I am managing a Twitch bot and we are handing it off from one dev to myself, so I’m setting up hosting on Repl. That’s what we were using before, but apparently Repl no longer allows for HTML/CSS/JS Repl’s to use Secrets? Our bot requires several different secrets and it simply wouldn’t be appropriate to have those there in the open.

Is there anyway I can hide these secrets and access them in our code?

You’re probably looking for a Node.js template instead, as, like it says, you cannot use Secrets in a HTML/CSS/JS Repl. Among other things, it would be a security risk for you, as it could very easily leak your Secrets.

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I just created a repl from a github and it did everything else automatically, forgot to select Deno Template, thank you!


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