Need someone to work on my game with me

I’m making a game, and I need someone to implement a tiny little feature. I could do it myself, but if someone else voluntarily did it instead, it would be a great help!

All I need is to add a few battles in a certain place. The battle system is already set up, so all you need to do is add the text and call the battle() function. You will need to edit mob.json to add the mobs to battle.

Edit: Any change you make must be put in the changelog in this format:

### beta <version> <time in w3c datetime format> <timezone> by <username>
<version description>

TL;DR: Add battles and mobs to a section of a game.

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hmmmmmm ponders this oppurtunity

Oh wait i already have access, i can start helping already lol, but lunch duty calls