Need shortcut(of keyboard and mouse)for replit app in ipad

Can someone send me a video or anything about to learn shortcuts of keyboard and mouse in replit app in ipad,like i need to go to another tab using my keyboard or mouse ,and i can combine two tabs(like multitasking) or can i use pc interface,help plz

Hey @vdhayal336! Welcome to the community!

Here is a link to the shortcuts you can use in Replit:

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bro these shortcuts are for windows,i am using ipad , i need keyboard shortcuts for ipad

and if u know something than tell me how to multitask 2 tabs in python at a time in ipad

You can replace the Ctrl buttons with Cmd buttons.

Also, you can multitask files by just dragging the file tabs and releasing them where the blue highlight is at.

i already have command button and also i am asking for multitasking two tabs not the files,like i want to move the code(where we type the code) tab and run(where the code runs) tab in a single tab

Yes that’s what I meant. Just drag the files like I have done here.