Need one "create repl" button beside "Run" button

Hello Team,

I observed that once you create a new repl, it will redirect to the code screens which is fine but think if user wants to create another repl. In that case user must have to go back on home screen to create repl which is not good user experience. so, for the solution you can give “create repl” button beside “Run” button on code screens. Also, you can give save/cancel popup when user creating new repl while another is already in progress.
I think it’s required feature for user to make bridge between homescreen and code screen. Thanks!

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When inside of the workspace, you can don’t have to go to the home page to create a new repl.
Click the Replit icon at the top left then click Create. This will bring you the regular repl creation modal.


I just hit the back arrow on my tab with either Ctrl Click or by clicking with the mouse scroll. That opens the previous page in a new tab.