Need moderation help!

Problem description:
Repl stops when I’m making a proxy request. Saying that it’s against TOS. But i’m just using it to have a static ip, as an api that i’m using requires it

Bug appears at this link:

Hope a moderator can see my request and stop the auto, moderation from stoping me repl. Tanks for your time, and sorry for my bad english

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You are correct: Proxies are not allowed on Replit, and that is why your repl was shut down.

What API are you using? Does adding to the IP allowlist work?

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I’m using BrawlStars Api, it does not allow, in TOS, it says " Use the Service to create a proxy with the purpose of circumventing any firewall or other access control measure;", I’m just trying to get a static ip, not circumvent anything

Do you control the server that the proxy you’re trying to use runs on? If so, rather than using a proxy, run a nodejs webserver and add an endpoint that makes requests to the API you need to use on behalf of your repl.

i’m not controling the proxy server, it just a webshare proxy

Are you connecting to the proxy using HTTPS?

No, just http with credentials

Try connecting to it using HTTPS.

I can only use http or socks5h

Does socks5 work for connecting?

Sadly it is not working…

Then maybe find another hosting provider to use, or figure out a way to automate adding your repl’s current IP to your API’s allowlist.

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Thanks, i’m trying to do so.

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