Need help with putting javascript in html

how do I insert js into HTML it isn’t showing up on the web browser thing

Repl link:

my code is supposed to make a bus that can be controlled by the arrow keys


You can put JS inside by using the script tag.

This JS code will run and won’t be visible to the user.

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Put this inside the body

// js code

or if the JS file is external

<script src="file.js"></script>

@HexHands @OmegaOrbitals did you guys even… look at the Repl?..

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You guys didn’t even bother to look at the code xD.

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May I ask where these magic functions like “background” are coming from? Did you mean to use a lib? You should probably follow the cdn installation instructions for that lib.

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No, why would we need to? He’s asking how to insert JS into HTML, and I pretty much told him how.

Because in his Repl the first thing in his HTML is a script tag. That’s why you would need to.


ok, so what is a lib and how do I install one?

Well, first, tell use where you got these functions like “background” from.

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I got it from Khan academy because that was where I was learning js.

my code was working here:

That will only work in Kahn academy. It uses a Kahn academy lib that only works in there afaik. So, if you want to use it on replit, I recommend using something like kaboom.


So if I use kaboom in theory my code should work, right?

No, you would have to re-write it for kaboom. As I said, it should only work in Kahn,

oh ok, so if I didn’t want to use a lib then I would have to replace the function background with a big rect(); that covers the whole canvas on that line instead. or would that not work?

That would probably work. I am not an expert XD

ok thank you for the help.


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