Need help with pseudocode!

Hi everyone, I really need help. How would you write a pseudocode to this code? I am really lost and would really appreciate help!!!

My code:

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What do you need the psuedo code for? Python basically is psuedo code so if you make it verbose enough it is literally psuedo code


It is for an school assignment. The teacher wants me to make an description and a pseudo code. I thought at first that it might be enough that i have commented on the code, but maybe not… do you know if it is diffrent with C#? Is it more common to write a pseudo code there? Sorry, maybe a stupid question haha…


TBH I don’t get the whole writing psuedo code thing, it has helped my in a few very rare circumstances but not often, but if you have to do it for school then you have to do it.
Writing psuedo code is literally just writing fake code in the place of real code, but being a bit more verbose and clearing stuff up.

An example of the fibbonacci in psuedocode:

create a function to get the nth fibbonacci number
    if the the function is trying to get the 1 or 2 fibb
        return 0, 1 respectivly
    if the function whats another fib
        return the sum of the last two fibbs

Thank you very much for you answers! But do the pseudo code need to be as long as my real code? Do i just change the code- words into real words…? I dont really understand this… really appreciate your help!

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Here on Ask, we are not allowed to help you with any schoolwork. It gets Replit banned at schools.


Oh sorry, did not know!!

Well we can’t give you the answer but we can point you in the right direction.

Pseudo code is explaining code in the human language. It’s as if you are explaining what your code does to someone who never programmed before.

There is no syntax, so you don’t need to use :, +, = or any other symbols.


It probably depends on the teacher what they want for pseudocode anyway. Mine lets me do very little and I get 100%. I can’t speak for your teacher.


Yeah, that’s basically it. I like to think that writing psuedo code is writing what the code is doing, and not telling the code to do it, but that works for my brain and maybe not for yours.
If you are really worried about it just ask your teacher to clarify, and don’t stress about it. In my first programming class I was a little worried that I might not write pseudo code the way the teacher wanted it since I never write it outside of school, I did pretty much what I did in the example above and got full marks.