Need help with my website

I need help with my online book software called MooBook where you read books, bookmark pages, and create your own stories

The problem is I can’t get the “read” button to work and I need helpers to come up with story ideas for the stories. The bookmark button along with the Create Story button doesn’t seem to work either.


If anyone wants to help just notify me in the comments

I’d be happy to help if you provided more specific information!

I would be glad to help you! I have some experience in python and c++. I have basic/ junior experience in go, javascript.

Could you post the link to the repl? Or is this a collab?

I’m not sure what you’re trying to accomplish but make sure your CSS goes in style.css and not index.html .

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Styles can go in your index file, as long as you wrap them in a <style> tag.

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They weren’t wrapped, and general practice is to have them in a seperate file.