Need help setting up full stack Repl

I am trying to follow this tutorial:

How do I set up both flask and vue in one repl? I started a new Repl, and wasn’t sure what language to use so I put python. I am trying to run the first command in the shell npm install -g vue-cli but it’s telling me that npm is not installed.

Thanks for the help

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I’ve been reading through some of this article, and it seems that you chose the wrong language when creating your repl. The tutorial doesn’t work with python (from what I’ve read), it appears to be using node.js for vue-cli, and python for flask. When installing vue-cli, it is not recommended that you use the shell/console for this. Use repl’s package manager, it hooks into npm and is much easier to use.
Instead of running npm install -g vue-cli, try the process below when using a node.js repl.
Open your repl > click on Packages in your sidebar > search for vue-cli > hit install.
After you hit install, the rest of the installation process will take care of itself.
For flask or any other packages, repeat the process while changing your search term to what package you’re looking for.
EDIT: It looks like you’ll have to set up two different repls and link them somehow. As for how this is done, I honestly can’t help you much there.
As for setting these up, I recommend still following that article.

If you still need help, don’t be afraid to reply!

also for anybody else reading this, if anything I said is incorrect, please don’t be afraid to correct me (:


Thanks so much! If anyone knows how to set up two Repls that talk to one another (Vue frontend and flask backend) that would be super helpful! Or if I am supposed to set them both up in one Repl?

@rafilurie, replit community is amazing in itself;
Here’s a template I found on replit by george16:

You might Cherry pick contents you need or use it as a whole or use it as a means to learn to implement it, depends on you :grinning: