Need help restoring a deleted repl

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Welcome to the forums, @jooedis!
You can restore your repl by following these instructions:

  1. Head to the Replit CLUI
  2. In the :mag: Run a command search bar, select :wastebasket: Trash
  3. In the new dropdown, select restore-repl
  4. Input the title of the deleted repl in the text box - keep in mind the title must be exactly the same as that of the deleted repl’s

Hi! Sorry you deleted your project! You can use the CLI to get it back!

First, got to
Next, go click your profile
Next, click CLUI:
Next, click trash

Click restore-repl:

And now you can enter the name of the project you deleted:

If you cannot remember the name, you can go back to the CLI menu → trashveiw-repls and there you can get a list of the name of the replit projects you deleted, when you deleted them, and then you can follow my steps above to recover it!

I hope this helps!

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Additionally, is a direct link to the restore-repl dialog.


Shh! No one needs to know that! I totally didn’t just give 3 steps on how to get somewhere when there is a link