Need Help Justifying Firewalled Replit to entire school district

Who in Replit management can I communicate with (preferably email) so I can get more information requested by my school district’s IT people who will not approve firewalled replit for student use until the following concern is addressed (which seems to be security-related):

Infrastructure Services (IS) comments:
I don’t see enough documentation that shows Replit has closed their loops. I still think there ought to be more Education centric resources available.

For now at least, the official position of the school district is:

The software purchase request for Firewalled Replit is denied

Replit Profile:


You can view the Firewalledreplit Docs.
From the FAQ:

The new domain is more strictly filtered to eliminate any avenue for students to create web proxies and, therefore, bypass school filters and reach inappropriate content. Additionally, there will be no community, search, or spotlight features. Students will not be able to view any public repls that are shared within the broader Replit community. They can only see projects and repls that are created inside the Teams for Education organization.

Without more information on what “loops” Replit needs to close I can’t give specific advice.

FirewalledReplit is free though. If you are paying for it, that’s a problem.


Unfortunately, if your district uses google safe search…Google currently has portions of firewalledreplit globally blocked as a “Deceptive Phishing” website at the moment, and we have yet to hear any response from Replit support regarding this, so I don’t know if right now is the correct time to ask your IS people to try and make this work. Also, read recent forum posts, this school year the whole site has been a nightmare, extremely slow, kids losing their “teams” projects, projects only loading for half the students, etc…

Before you present it to them, try this link and verify that it is not blocked for you (even off district), it’s one of the urls that’s required for firewalledreplit to function fully.

If you get the result below, I doubt your IS dept will want to go any further with it.

Deceptive site ahead
Attackers may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing software or revealing your personal information (for example, passwords, phone numbers, or credit cards).

Google Safe Browsing recently detected phishing on this website. Phishing sites pretend to be other websites to trick you

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Even when I bypass Chrome’s safety check, that URL is invalid. Are you certain that’s the correct one?


The id sub domain is something that is called I believe when the students start using graphical portions of their project (at least in our experience)

You could also try just
That should end up on the actual website after you bypass it.

It’s also one of the sites that they recommend be whitelisted in their IT administration guide.

It could very well just be a google issue, but teachers and students started reporting it yesterday and today none of the students could do their projects and everyone is losing their minds, to the point that we are looking into alternatives.