Need Help for my Android Java App

Yo wassup, guys. I wanted to make an Android app for my teacher, except I’m not really familiar with mobile development. So can you please help me fix it up, I’ll really appreciate it. For more info on the app, check the file “~~README” in the link below. Thanks in advance! BTW, the main file is “” and the other one is a feature I might add later.
Repl link:

Hello! Welcome to Replit Ask! Anyways, you should probably use Android studio to develop your Android apps, and not Replit. If you have made it already on Replit, you still need Android Studio to build/compile it.

Yo @Bedrockminer. Thanks a lot for the advice bro. :+1:

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Your welcome! If it made it work, please mark it as solution to help others with the same problem.

Bookmarking isn’t marking as solution, you have to press the “solution” button on my post to do it.

Yeah, I figured. Anyways, thanks for the help!

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