Need help about paying the 20$

When i pay the 20$ and make my projects private . All the forks will be removed ? Right ? And the ones how did forks will lose access to my project or they will still have it ? I want my projects to be private just for me . So i want to know before paying . If the one who uses right now my project will lose the access or not

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They will still have your code and there is not way to make them stop having access.

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So why even paying the 20$ if they still have access to my code … they should fix it or no need to pay

It will stop anybody more from getting a copy of your code

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But that person who did fork it he can still publish it and then it will be public again . So still nothing changed . This problem should be fixed . And it will help the community grow even bigger

That’s just a general problem with how privating things works. They could have just copied your code anyway. You should ask the person who forked your code to delete it.


Hopefully that would work, by the way thanks for your help @Classfied3D

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Not sure, but the forks would most likely remain, but new people should not be able to. To make your projects hidden, there is not a OTF, but a subscription/monthly fee.