Need help about deployment

Hi there,
I have a telegram bot that is used for a game chat kind of purpose.
It needs to be ran 24/7 and I have several bots that each have a different purpose (different python files for each bot)

I have several questions.

  1. What kind of deployment is best for a telegram bot that needs to be on 24/7?
    Im guessing Reserved VM

  2. Will the bot be ran 24/7 without me needing this website open (I currently am on trial with Pro plan and once I close this tab, the bot stops)?

  3. Is it possible to run several scripts on one server?

Note: All the scripts are working well locally, but I cant leave my device running 24/7 just for this bot, so in terms of code, its fine.

Thanks anyone who can help me

Welcome to the forums, @mnplein52!

Reserved VM is the deployment option best suited for bots. Reserved VM is $7 a month, for Pro, Hacker and Free users alike.

Yes, if you use a Reserved VM deployment, your bot will run 24/7 with occasional 1-2 minute restarts.

Honestly, I’m not entirely sure. Logically, yes it would be possible, but I’m not sure how hard it may be.

Thanks RedCoder.

I appreciate your help <3

No problem, @mnplein52!

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