Need details of the security features of the replit server in order to submit for app review with FB


When I try to obtain App review approval through the FB developer portal for the AI chatbot developed using replit node.js coding, it asks me to submit details of the data handling practices.

The questions are as follows

  1. Do you have a data controller located in the [European Economic Area] (EEA) or the (UK) that will be responsible for all data Meta shares with you?

  2. List all data processors, including your own companies, that will have access to the personal data of users that you obtain from Meta.

  3. Which of the following policies or processes do you have in place regarding requests from public authorities for the personal data of users? Check all that apply.

I honestly have no idea how to answer them and believe that I need to provide information about the replit servers, and their data protection laws.

Could someone help me to figure out how to solve this matter? I would really appreciate it as I’m now stuck with not being able to function my AI bot without providing the relevant information.

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Those probably need to be answered for your site, not Replit. (You manage your user data, Replit doesn’t)


I don’t believe Replit has servers in the EU for this exact reason, I think they might have plans in the future though.

If you really need to know this information (which is unlikely as @9pfs1 said, you need to provide information on your app rather than Replit and its servers) you could contact a Replit staff member or wait for the new server location to release, where there will likely be answers to these questions. There may also be a mention of this in Replit’s privacy policy or TOS.


@bobastley Thanks for the valuable insight. Could you please let me know how I could reach out to a replit staff member?

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You can contact Replit staff via is also an option, but I think it will just redirect back to Ask.


You can contact Replit staff at afaik