Need debugging help on my first Javascript project

I am an (old) new coder. Haven’t coded for nearly 20 years but finally the AI dream that I imagined two decades ago seems to upon us so I’m trying to jump back in. I wrote a design spec and fed it to ChatGPT and it spit out some code that seemed to make sense to me as it walked me through it, but once I loaded it here, it doesn’t work. Not to mention, I don’t really understand how this IDE and Ghostwriter really work.

Honestly I guess I’m just looking for some kind soul who will spend 15-20 minutes with me looking through the code and helping me understand some basics of the UI of this tool.


[Repl link:]

code snippet
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Are you using Node.js?

It’s my intention to do so, but I’m not sure if I set this up properly. How would I know?

I’m sorry that I’m sooooo green here. I don’t want to waste your time but I certainly appreciate it

Is that repl private?

In your src/Topic.jsx file you seem to be trying to import an SVG file: import topicBubble from "./topic-bubble.svg";. This file doesn’t seem to exist however looking through your files.

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Does React allow importing SVG files?

I don’t know, that was the second thing I was thinking… If this is GPT generated code, it’s possible it’s trying to do something impossible and it’s hallucinated this import structure.

Edit: a quick Google search shows it is possible, however seems it may require some configuration. :man_shrugging: