Need Assistance with Running Two Projects Simultaneously

Hello Replit Support Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I’m currently facing an issue with running two projects simultaneously on Replit, and I’m seeking assistance to resolve it.

Here’s a brief overview of the situation:

  1. I have two projects on my Replit account: “BOTGHOST REMOVER (17)” and another project.
  2. I want to run both of these projects simultaneously using the .replit configuration file.

In the .replit file, I’ve attempted different configurations to achieve this, but I haven’t been able to make both projects run as expected. Specifically, I want the Discord bot in the “BOTGHOST REMOVER (17)” project to listen for events, and I want the second project to perform its intended tasks.

Currently, when I run the “BOTGHOST REMOVER (17)” project, the bot logs in successfully with a message like “Logged in as Rick Astley#5981!”, but the other project doesn’t appear to run or produce any output.

Could you please guide me on the correct configuration for the .replit file to ensure that both projects run effectively without conflicts? I’ve included the contents of my current .replit file below:
.replit content:

entrypoint = "index.js"
command = [
    "\u0001\u001b[33m\u0002\u0001\u001b[00m\u0002 ",
run = "node index.js & node CUSTOM-STATUS-BOTGHOST-REMOVER-17/index.js"

I would greatly appreciate your assistance in getting both projects to run as intended. If there’s any additional information you need from me, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you for your time and support.

Best regards,
[Bentley playz] If you need more info give me a email at

Hello, I’m encountering a couple of issues with my Replit project setup. Firstly, I’m getting a ‘Parse error on line unable to decode .replit: toml: line 1: unexpected ‘.’’ message when trying to run the project. Additionally, I’m seeing a ‘no interpreter configured for this repl’ message. I’ve checked my .replit file and ensured that the interpreter section is correctly defined. Could you please assist me in resolving these issues? I did not write the code chatgpt wrote it

We need Repl links to help you. And don’t copy-paste code from ChatGPT, as it generates erroneous answers often.

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