Need AI to block spammers

Need create some AI or Button to people report Spamers.
Some guys not using replit to code.
look this guy announcing soccer streaming.

Hey @didisoftwares welcome to the forums!

You are able to report repls. If you click the repl then the 3 dots above the right of the repl you can press report and explain why you are reporting it.

no have dots on comunity forum need open replit by replit to perform this

You need to click the repl first.

These sorts of spam streaming Repls do get reported to Replit’s team automatically and they should be gone by the day after you see them. But because all reports are reviewed by a human being, there can be a window of time when they are visible on the site. Your suggestion of having them taken down by AI is a good one, and we are constantly looking at ways of acting better and faster against abuse.