Need Access to Replit Account with Deleted Google Account

One year ago, I left a school district and my google account associated with that school also got deleted. I know it is still on replit because I can still view it here: Sadly, I can’t sign in on there anymore to edit the repls, because my school google account got deleted which is very annoying.

If you have any doubt that this isn’t my account, then just look at the account activity. At school, I was actively creating repls with that account, but after it got deleted, I couldn’t make anymore repls, which is why the most recent repl is from basically 12 months ago.

Also one of my largest projects back then was the Cubism game. This was a game that I created using Unity, and if you look at it, it’s just a bunch of html files. As you guys know, when you export a game through Unity for online purposes, it turns it into html files. So as evidence that this is my account, I can also show you my actual Unity files (which I don’t think you can make up just by looking at the exported html files). Also, this Unity game redirects you to a site named whenever you make a global record. I still have access to this database website I created, so I guess this is also proof if you really need it.

Also if you look at the email address of this replit account that I am posting from, you will see that it kind of (both have the word “rufus”) matches the username of my old school account (rufus36). And just so you know, I created this google account way before I renamed my old school replit account to rufus36, so it is not a coincidence and is actually me.

Please contact me, I still remember the email of my old school account and I can send it. If you need any more evidence, or think of other clever ways to prove this is me, feel free to reach out :wink:

Anyways, I am thankful that my files are still accessible, and in the worst case I can just fork all the repls onto a new account :cry:

Edit: Found some more proof that this is my account:
Here is a screenshot of me editing a program a long time ago

And also, just before my school google account got deleted, I transferred all the files to a new google account. I was digging back in this backup inbox and found a replit email addressed to my old school account from 3 years ago

Hey @3ncrypt, welcome to the community!

Please contact support via the support form.

Alright, I just did! Hopefully they can fix this :crossed_fingers: