Need 200 4x CPU repls

How can I get a costomization in my Replit account?
I want 200 repls with 4x CPU and 4gb ram

I have purchased pro plan but unfortunately it is automatically changing itself from 4x CPU to 0.5x cpu🙄 after a while of running.

Hi @alirejaansari02 , welcome to the forums!
The switching of CPU is definitely not normal. This belongs in Bug Reports.

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If I may ask, what do you need 200 4x CPU repls for? That seems a very large amount of Repls, even without the 4x CPU’s.


Maybe they just want many repls, but the boost isn’t working.
@alirejaansari02 Apparently it was a bug that was solved, so I’m not sure why this is coming back. Maybe @ShaneAtReplit can take a look? Sorry to ping you

I want to deploy a huge project where 200 high cpu computers are needed and I found only one solution that’s Replit

I have purchased pro as well but don’t know why the 4x repls are automatically decreasing its CPU after a while of running the code…

I just want 200 high end computers running online.
If you have any other solutions then please help

I may have a potential reason whats causing the problem. The Pro plan only gives one boosted Repl, so it may be when you try to activate that boost on a different repl, it disabled the previous boosted repl to boost the new one. You will have to pay the cycles for 199 Repls to have there CPU’s be boosted to 4x. You only get 1 free boosted with your plan. Why it swaps back to 0.5x CPU after an amount of time being run I dont know.

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You can use autoscale deployments, for this use case.

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You can use Reserved VM Deplooyments to get a ton of resources. As for chaining 200 repls together, I’m pretty sure Replit will ban you unless you get their express consent first. If it’s not against ToS it’s against the guidelines.


Hey @alirejaansari02!

Are you still seeing your CPU resources drop down to 0.5x? If so, can you please share the link to your Repl and a date-time in UTC of when you last saw the issue?

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