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NBAS, or Notepad Basic, is a console based custom programming language that I have been working on and still am working on. Written in C++.

NBAS is meant to be like Shell or Bash, and have a very basic appearance. It allows for printing, arithmetic, getting input, data reporters, and more. I’ll show some examples below!

Input: PRNT Hello, World!
Output: Hello, World!
PRNT This is the print function, followed by a string or strings. Anything within the ; will be printed to console.

Input: PRNT I have the ; %20 $CPU
Output: I have the (cpu name)
Using the PRNT function along with %20, which is simply a space as the last string of print has no space, and $CPU: A reporter that prints the name of the CPU to console.

@EarthRulerr Programming
“Cleandocs” a free documentation website template.
OpenAI, for help with the reporters (such as $IP).