Mycoolwebsite talk

Welcome to mycoolwebsite!

I am @pollitosd and I created it for mycoolwebsite links! Try it out at

I will keep you all updated in EACH version I publish, so stay put!

The official and original repl is at @mycoolwebsite/redirect

Be free to talk about it here! This is where you can share uses, and request possible features to be added!

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The big gigga epic pog

what? Why are you putting this in? is this a bot?

Why would i be a bot

What do you mean? Can you elaborate?

I thought you were a reply bot

What is this point of this…?

To make repl links more friendly

How is this more friendly though? The link is longer

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well the markdown renders as

which doesn’t even tell you what the website is…

Can we at least be grateful that he made something without python?

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