My webview is showing a "/" instead of url

**i am making a discord bot and trying to connect it with uptime robot but for tht i need the url which sould be smth like ( this but i m getting a “/” only.

i tried clicking the new tab option but i dont get the url i m expecting:**


from flask import Flask
from threading import Thread

app = Flask('')

def home():
  return "Bot is alive!"

def run():'', port=8080)

def keep_alive():
  t = Thread(target=run)

i m using this code as “” and calling in my main code
pls help with the issue asap

Welcome @AnshumanSahani!

This is because Replit has changed their hosting. You no longer get the link. Now it’s <REPL_ID>(and some other characters?).<REPLIT_CLUSTER> It also only works when your editor is open.


yeah i get tht click when i click the “new tab” in webveiw but if i use tht link in uptimerobot it doesnt keep the repl online after sometime the code is stopped working and i have to manually run it again.
so ig from here i can conclude tht the uptimerobot cant ping repl using tht link after sometime

To keep your repl running, you need to use Autoscale (if your repl is a backend site) or Reserved VM (if your repl is a bot) deployment.

Hey @AnshumanSahani, UptimeRobot is basically useless for replit links now. Try deploying the app with Autoscale or Reserved VM.

surely, i will check Reserved vm