My webview is responding with an invalid response. Is there a way to fix this?

I logged on today to work on a new project when I noticed that my web view was showing this error instead of the usual result of the code.

I’ve tried opening another new repel, checking old repels, restarting my laptop, and trying to access replit on another computer. The error message was still there after all of the attempts to fix it listed above.

Is there anything I might have forgotten about that I should try that might help fix the issue?

Hi @RobEppinger thanks for your post and welcome to the community.

There have been a few similar posts recently. Let me raise this as an issue with Replit support.

Hey @RobEppinger!

Are you still having issues? We have seen a few posts with similar issues, all of which have been resolved.

No. I just checked and it’s working again.
thank you very much

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