My website showcase

Hi again Replit!

I am working on a website about information around a mountain located in my local area. I was wondering if you had any tips on desgin, UI, html, etc.


Thanks and Good night!



Nice website! Here are some styling tips:

  • The green background well… Doesn’t look the best. Personally, I like dark themes.
  • The blue title is a bit hard to read.
  • The navbar links are quite hard to read as well.
  • The black text isn’t good on green. If you’re going for a dark theme make it white/a light grey, and if you’re going for a light theme make it black.
  • I’m not a huge fan of the hrs.
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I deeply agree with the hr part, I think im going to change the margin on some of them. Thanks for the other tips as well!


my turn for ideas >:D

  • A good font or two
  • Dimmed images
  • White text + tiny black shadow when over images
  • Don’t center align D:
  • “MTB Services”, “MTB Trails”, and Top Tiger Mountain Trails links don’t look right, probably because of my smaller screen size
  • Consistent font color

I mean custom css is nice, but I recommend trying a css package. (The website is better than what I could make with custom css, but looks a little old)