My website looks sketchy, what am I missing?

Question: I am making a Repl that is meant to teach others how to code, but it just looks sketchy. I’ll admit that I am not very good at CSS. How can I make this look less sketchy? What am I missing?

Repl link: Coderoad Preview - HTML, CSS, JS Repl - Replit

I think you did your css wrong, can you send me a copy of the html and css to review?

Hmmmm, maybe you should change the background a bit & resize the images a bit smaller?
You should also resize the course boxes to fit some fonts too & the places, you should also make it so that you have to click on the box/text to go to the link.

Overall a pretty good site all the resources and stuff! Oh btw you have some spelling mistakes.


Note: For those courses that aren’t finished yet you should put a “Work-In-Progress” sign there.


hate to ask more questions, but how exactly should I change the background? i also feel like the home page is a bit empty, is there anything that I should add?

You would use CSS to change the background. For the color its best to use background-color. For example in the .css file

* {
background-color: red;

Here is the list of all colors but it also supports Hex and RGB values as well thought that is a different syntax.

nono, i mean what should i change to the background?

I like the look of it being black the text being #919191. I also then changed the background color of the header to #bfbfbf to help it blend.

The navbar and background shouldn’t be both green. Change the colours to give it some contrast. Backgrounds shouldn’t be bright green. That draws the focus away from the content. Make it duller rather than striking. That way, the attention will be brought to the text. The font looks “default” so change it to something else. The text size in the nav-bar could be a bit larger, and I would add some padding to the left.

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thank you so much!! i appreciate your help, I will take this advice


I wouldn’t use stock photos. Generally they are under copyright (or require $$$) and are generic. Instead you could make the homepage prose of ‘why you should code’

I think that you should use 2Dumb & 3Dumb as the main fonts, I think they are very cool. :slight_smile:

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