My webpage and webview arent working

My webpage and webview arent working so i was wondering if anyone could help me

Are you sure you wrote down the link correctly? Cause for me it is saying that it is not Found.

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Here is the link i messed up sorry
i think that is the link i am new to replit

The link is

“not found” on a hosted URL always means that the repl itself exists. Add /__repl#/ to a repl’s hosted URL to get to the repl and view its filetree.

So is it this: /_repl#/

how can is share my files with you?

That was a tip for @naptar, but I meant to say append it to the URL. I can already see your files here (which is how I found that you capitalized index in the filename :slightly_smiling_face:)

did you find the problem?
Im new to replit and coding so im not that good

yes, see this post

in future please consider trying to search the forum for your issue (using different keywords, like searching “not found html” would have got your solution)

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