My web server url doesnt show anymore

Look in the image it now just says “/”

Yes. This is because Replit has changed their URLs as hosting is no longer free.

Instead of https://<repl-slug>.<username>, URLs are https://<repl-id><(some chars)>.<repl-cluster>

I don’t know what “(some chars)” actually is, though. Might do some testing on that.


Hi @KaanGogcay !
This is a new update. The / shows the route of the program.
To get the full url, click the New Tab button and copy the link from the address bar.
Hope this helps!

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Do you know any alternative free hosts?

Hey @KaanGogcay!

Some free hosting alternatives are GitHub Pages (Free Static Hosting), Glitch (Free Static Hosting), I also believe Vercel has free hosting. I hope this helps!

I made it a Wiki if anyone else wants to add any Free Hosting alternatives.