My unit tests on a Python team assignment are now unavailable. How can I view them

I wanted to reuse some unit tests from last year in a new teams assignment. I opened up the old assignment to view the tests and the repl upgraded to Nix. Now when I go to ‘tests’ I see this message:

It is a Python repl.

Here is an example Repl.

I really don’t want to write the tests again. How can I access the tests so at least I can take a copy of them to include in a new (different) repl?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @SteveRich !
What language is the repl using?

Python :slight_smile:

Thanks, where are the tests hidden?!

The tests are in the tab called Unit Tests.

Hmm… I wonder why the tests won’t work.
Coild you send the code if your .replit file?

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Hi Nate, thanks but as the picture shows above, when I select the tests tab, the message above appears. The tests used to appear and were all fully functional. (The contents of the tests must be stored somewhere?)

My .replit file:

entrypoint = ""
modules = ["python-3.8:v2-20230907-3d66d15"]

hidden = [".pythonlibs"]

channel = "stable-23_05"

LANG = "en_US.UTF-8"


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Maybe it has something to do with either the upgrade to Nix or the fact that the old Python template is being replaced by a newer, more space efficient one.

Yes I thought that. Unfortunately there’s no choice not to convert (and besides, it’s already converted!) . . Are the tests stored in a txt file or something? My tests can’t have just disappeared into thin air, can they?

Just to note that I’ve fixed this.

My .replit files on the affected repls had hardly anything in. I think this was caused when they were converted to nix repls recently when teams was a bit buggy and slow. My thought is that the conversion wasn’t successfully finished, leaving an incomplete .replit file…

Copying the contents of a .replit file from a working Python (old but converted to nix) repl meant that my tests magically reappeared in the tests pane. Phew!

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