My turtle module will not show up after importing turtle?

Can someone figure this out?

Hi @Rand0MnAm3 !
The turtle output should show in the Output window. If not, you can go to Tools > Output to view it.
May I know what file you are running it on?

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If you mean that the output doesn’t show up turtle, it’s because currently the output goes blank after the code runs. You can add:

x = input()

Or should be able to call:


(One of these would go at the end of the program)

If you mean that you get the error: cannot find module turtle (or something like that), then check turtle is in the dependencies (three dots, show hidden files, replit.nix, deps array. Check for something like pkgs.turtle)

Please be more specific if the issue is neither, so it’s easier to help you.

turtle is a standard library so there is no need to install it. The only way you couldn’t import turtle is if there was another file with the same name. Also, most python packages are not supposed to be in replit.nix. The pyproject.toml file lists the installed python packages.

JonathanNitzan, remember to format your code blocks with the correct language

For code blocks, put the language name python right after the three backticks so it formats better (if it assumes the wrong language):

x = input()
x = input()
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Ok thanks! I wasn’t sure how to do python specific code lol.

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