My thoughts on Replit Bounties

Hope I’m not necro’ing a thread here, but I’d like to add my own take to this discussion. I’ve been doing some replit bounties recently (Apparently “top 2%”, whatever that may mean) and I treat it as both an opportunity to try out new concepts and somewhere to earn a little bit more.

I do feel that some of your statistics for reference here may be particularly skewed. As far as I can observe, most bounties undervalue the work required for certain features, a 1k bounty may feel like a lot, but it comes with the expectation of constant communication - for example, many 2/3am meetings to match with the poster’s time. Many of such bounties come with additional requirements, such as deploying to serverless infrastructure, CI/CD, etc. and hence make the time and effort just about right.

I should add that I do very much enjoy the current system and status quo of bounties as it fits within my schedule. Coming back from work, I apply for/work on some bounties which provide some flexibility and enjoyment from the accomplishment.

Just my thoughts on this. :slightly_smiling_face:


These are all true! I was just mentioned TOP like you know top 10 bounty hunters can maybe get that if they try really hard and abandon all other duties XD

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Welcome to the community btw! :wave: