My thoughts on Replit Bounties

It’s kinda stupid in my opinion because if there was a professional programmer, they would get overlooked and put at the bottom of a list. Just because they are newer to the site, they are overlooked. That’s something they should change.

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I would like to note that you just cant compete on some bounties since an applicant is so skilled in the area and they are verified and stuff where its not due to their lack of bounties and stuff.


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Previously people have mentioned their worries about verified users or users who have completed lots of bounties always getting picked, and while sometimes this might be the case, many bounty posters stated that they regularly review all the applications regardless because just because someone’s verified and completed the most bounties doesn’t mean they are necessarily the best fit for said bounty.

At the end of the day, it actually more often comes down to your application, you need to make a good application. I can tell you now, the majority of applications are one or two sentences saying I’m good at this language and I’m experienced, let me do this bounty. Detailed, quality applications, which actually tell the poster about your abilities and your experience properly are more than likely to be accepted over these two sentence applications. Another thing is to give the poster a vague idea of how you’d go about completing the bounty, this is a way of demonstrating/proving your expertise, making it more likely you’ll be accepted.


mm, yes, but this post was made to highlight the fact that the bounty program tends to have some major flaws :frowning: (sorry would like but ran out because of TL2)

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Exactly this. Here’s an example of a recent one:

for the majority of bounties (I’m posting on the lower $ end), I’m clicking through Repls and GitHub’s as the applications don’t have any details or background. Knowing someone is a 4 year full stack dev is great, but I want to see just 5 words about how it applies to my project :slightly_smiling_face:


True. I also do bounties for the fun of it :slight_smile:

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you’re welcome I just don’t want to offend anyone XD

In my opinion, you are completely right about the “vicious cycle of poverty”. Once a Bounty poster publishes a Bounty and sees the Bounty Hunter’s stats, they are being judgemental and in some scenarios biased.

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this has some valid arguments but keep in mind that those of us you mentioned on the list are also busy with other things, i haven’t picked up a bounty in forever cause im trying to start a startup :laughing:


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