My thoughts on Replit Bounties

What are Replit Bounties?

replit bounties are when you can post a “bounty” that is, you can ask someone to do something, and pay them to create it.

It sounds like a good idea, right?

In theory, it’s great, a good way to literally pay the best of best :smiley:


This is, as I said, an amazing way to help encourage the best of the best. I can name a few:

  • Ray
  • Bookie
  • Vulcan
  • not-ethan :eyes:

and it has happened as these people have picked up a lot of bounties (9k cycles worth for not-ethan, or about 1k cycles per bounty).
In addition, it brings more people, not just creators but also entrepreneurs and thinkers!


now for the … flaws. While on paper, this is working, but it’s working a little too well…
Here’s what I mean:
replit has made it so that people will heavily favor only those who have already completed many bounties or are famous creators. This fuels the “vicious cycle of poverty.” This theory, or well, phenomena, really, states that those who are poor will stay so because they are poor and unable to gain more skills due to trying to survive, and those who are rich have the time and money to grow in skill and in monetary value. While, of course this is not a hard and fast rule, it is what often happens, as mostly those who get accepted are famous, and those who are rejected are newer programmers.

Normal complaints

normally, people complain that bounties discourage newer programmers, but I actually disagree, bounties are for experienced programmers, and if you are rejected, in theory, it should be because you don’t have a good enough resume (as I talked about, this is not always the case but most of the time people complain about this and actually don’t have a good resume).

Problem with bounty hunters

most of the time, the bounty applications are literally clogged with cocky, all-knowing, one sentence goers who will write something to the effect of: “I am literally the most amazing programmer to grace this earth, and I know everything. Don’t think about any achievements, I’m too good for those.” So yeah.

Problem with setters

In theory, it should be a diverse ecosystem of many types of people, but in reality it’s just web dev and ML which is literally it. In addition, replit does not help by making those like the only bounty templates. Next, replit also tries to normalize using … hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a platform you just joined because the note that is the “normal” amount of money excepted. However, I’m sure most people would be really happy with 20 dollars to do a hard ML project because a lot of people don’t do bounties for money because why would you, that’s kinda of dull, instead they do it for a combination of it as well as gaining experience doing professional freelancing and training in these topics. And, because replit has normalized 1k dollar bounties, they also normalize 1k dollar freelance work, which would be a team of pro freelancers with company level specs, special access to AI models, and EA to openAI, etc. However, they will not receive this, and therefore almost everyone posting lets thousands of dollars lay latent and unused. This seems like, but I’m not sure, a ploy to make people pay for 1k dollars, but not actually use it.

Well sorry this is kind of a rant but yeah. If there’s anything rambly, I did not edit it please, tell me anything!

EDIT: I forgot the fact that people will beef up their bounty competition count by creating alts and that the cycle cap is completely broken and easily bypassed


I’m may sound like a pro but I have an acceptance rate of ~36%. And the average is problematic closer to 650 since I got lucky with getting a 2.7k bounty. That’s not to discount all the problems but I’m just trying to make sure people know the truth and the guesses about the truth.


oh I am sorry. I just find replit bounties hard to complete


I think this is fair. If you want to be accepted, publish more repls, become famous. Though yes it may be kind of unfair for the new replers as the old ones have been for a long time, but it’s not a race to get the money right away!! New ones can always wait for about an year, become famous and come back to apply for bounties.


Yes I realize this, I have slowly gained… some notoriety in the community

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Update: I recieved this email:

" VIP Bounties for Top Hunters"


" We consider you a top Bounty Hunter. Here are the top Bounties we are looking to match with a top Hunter"

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You’re actually helpful and no idt there’s any negative image of you in the community.(if that is what notoriety meant… english isn’t my first language)


Um yeah I meant it as I have gained some attention recently (good most recently, bad a little before)

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I understand this, i have not been accepted into it (for reasons beyond me) and so my attempts to apply are basically hidden by the “qualified people” who are really just popular users or people with hacker plan.


not hacker plan, those who are verified by the beta bounty program


I know, but they look at people with 100+ followers or hacker plan members first, and then for normal people it takes weeks


Yeah I have 100+ followers but still don’t generally get accepted

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I mean into the program

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And hard to find and compete against.

Mhm that’s another hard part :sob:

Yeah, there is also to many professional bounties.

I know right XD. I would like but I capped out :sob:

It’s kinda stupid in my opinion because if there was a professional programmer, they would get overlooked and put at the bottom of a list. Just because they are newer to the site, they are overlooked. That’s something they should change.

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I mainly know you because you tipped me to change my pfp. Still see u around tho

mhm try looking at the leaderboard for the forum :stuck_out_tongue: