My terminal does not run and I am stuck with sh: 1: Use: not found problem in console

My terminal does not run, I am doing now freecodecamp project, and I am stuck with sh: 1: Use: not found problem in console, all commands I try to run don’t work.

- here is the screen

Thank you in advance for your help!

inputting code (or shell commands) into the console is a feature that has been removed recently.
There are several ways to get around this:

  1. Use the python with prybar template. This allows you to input python code into the console again, to interact with your program after it has been run.
  2. Go to shell and type python. This brings up an independent python interpreter that you can type code in. Type exit() to exit.
  3. In shell, type python -i This will run your program (in shell instead of console) and you can use the terminal after the program is done to interact with your program.

Hi, thank you, my code is working in shell when I just type python project/ When I submit the project link to freecodecamp, there is the same issue since there is only option “run” and that page also is not running but the code is valid. Do you think it will be okay for them?

Type this command into the Shell and enter, to fix the problem, whenever it appears:

sed -i 's/^run\s*=.*/entrypoint = ""/' .replit

thank you, it worked!

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