My Teams Pro doesn't allow me to use Always On

I signed for the Teams Pro today since the Hacker plan doesn’t allow 5 Always On anymore. But even after I paid for it, I still only have access to 1 Always On. I would like to know if there’s anything else I need to do.

Besides, why I can’t use the benefits of the old Hacker plan? Wasn’t the changes about it only to happen in April??

The changes in April are for people who bought an annual plan or who had already been on the Hacker plan before the 17th of this month in Jan. Sorry for the confusion.

Teams Pro can use 5 always on, but this is only for the team account on the Teams page, the Repls in My Repls on your account have 1 always on, as written at

Please let me know if this clears this up.

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You price page is not clear about it. Please show where this is written and make itvery very clear.
So what is the difference between the team account and the my repl is there is only one member?

IMHO it is clear. If it was for your personally account it wouldn’t talk about teams

It is implicit not clear.