My students in China can't login using their usernames

This is what they get

When I use a VPN this is what I get



With VPN, when they click login again after getting this message, does it succeed?

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When I was in china, Replit has been really glitchy (probably due to the f-i-r-e-w-a-l-l). Check your Network (in Inspect Element) for any erroneous requests, as they might have been blocked by the gov’t in your area.

Yes it does succeed login with VPN. However my students are not able to login without VPN due to the new changes you introduced.

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I am aware of what you say but it has been working fine and this happened only after Replit introduced these new security enhancements. Thank you

have the same problem to this time

doesnt work with VPN, still experience the problems with my Chinese contacts

The username indicates that the student was invited in privacy mode. This creates an anonymous user for them with limited functionality. It is the correct username for them to utilize in your screenshot (the user<unique_number>

Typically, when I test my students that I invited with privacy mode, the login prompt helps provide them the email address as in your VPN screenshot. This allows them to login successfully. Since it works with VPN, it is curious, but this makes me wonder if it’s region-specific or machine/network-specific. It’s hard to say but it would be something an IT professional could help with as well.

If they really get stuck, you can resend them the invite link and they can just create a new Replit account. They can even jot down the email address to their generated username as it should be in the format above.

If they have any Repls, they can fork them over from the original account (this user does not have any but as an example).

Hope it helps for a workaround.


Thank you for your help. Yes it is region specific. Most probably the new introduced changes in the login process require some communication with a blocked IP.

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