My storage utilization is full , but i dont have any large files in my repls

The problem is that i cant upload or edit any files on one of my repls , the storage is full 1024/1024.

This problem appeared after i was trying to upload a large file with the size 240 mb , i had used already 500 mb on my repl so i decided to upload one more file , after i uploaded the 240 mb file a error poped up saying that the repl’s disk is full , please delete some files to free the space , after that i tried to delete , but the file was missing , it wasnt even in my tree file , i could even search for it , it wasnt there.

I tried to use the Shell , i runned the " ls -lh " command and even there the file was missing.
Now im stuck with 1024/1024 full storage.


I would recommend just forking the repl, and if that doesn’t fix it, download all critical files from the original one and upload them into a brand new repl.

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