My screen has shrunk to an illegible size with no way to reset it to its default

Problem description:
The screen is an illegible size.

Expected behavior:
It should be legible on startup.

Actual behavior:
It should be adjustable.

Steps to reproduce:
I’m not sure how it shrunk. Maybe it was done while scrolling with my middle mouse button.

Bug appears at this link:



Does holding Ctrl and scrolling the mouse wheel have any effect? This could be how it ended up zoomed out in the first place. Also, does it happen on all Replit pages? If so, you are likely just zoomed in, and can do the above to fix it.


Yes. In addition to this, Ctrl + zooms in, Ctrl - zooms out, and (this is the one you’ll want to try) Ctrl 0 resets the zoom in your web browser.