My replt wont load

my repilt wont load or work correctly

Hello @AlexisFuentes5 , welcome to Ask! It seems like your account has a valid TLS certificate, so could you explain what isn’t working?


i dont know i try to boot it up but it just says this

Importance Preface if you are using this at school

Replit is currently experiencing a lot of backlash for allowing students to use proxies to bypass school restrictions. This puts replit in a bad light and causes replit to be banned from schools through no fault of it’s own. Please respect this

Sorry to disappoint you, but the usage of proxies is unadvisable on Replit.
Item 24 of Section 4 of the Replit Terms of Service prohibits:

Use the Service to create a proxy with the purpose of circumventing any firewall or other access control measure

Therefore, Replit is likely to automatically block any Repl containing a proxy, and those that are not blocked automatically may be reported. This does not specifically forbid all proxies, but due to this most proxies are generally taken down.

Additionally, Replit tends to automatically kill any repls that attempt to access HTTP proxies.


then how do i use my website now it was working just fine yesterday

Proxies are not allowed on Replit. You are not able to use your website, and you will not be able to, since what has happened is intentional and Replit went out of their way to make sure that proxies will not run on repls, no matter what.

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then what can i use on my chromebook?

Assuming that it’s a school chromebook, try actually doing your work on it… :slight_smile:
If you want to access a website that you can’t access, contact your school’s admin.


i do my work but my school admin will only block the website

Probably because you’re using proxies on it =P


They would only block Replit if you abuse it, so try not abusing things for once. It actually works well. For example, most (if not all) of Replit’s moderators are trusted community members who have applied to be a moderator. Had they abused things, they probably wouldn’t be moderators right now.

all of the people i know do there work and the teachers see us on our proxies

and i dont abuse it matter of fact i dont abuse any proxies

Try doing your work while you’re at school. Also, if you can’t access a website, rather than breaking Replit’s ToS, contact your school’s admin.

i finished all of my work

The fact that you were attempting to get Ultraviolet (a proxy) working on Replit shows that you most likely abuse them.

Then ask your teacher to let you access whatever websites you want to access.

its a gaming website and i dont abuse them i was just confused why it didnt work

If a game site is blocked, then it’s for a good reason. We’re not going to help you bypass school restrictions =)


no but the teachers let us play once were done with our work