My Repl's Limit


Me and @QwertyQwerty88 have project a project we are working on. But currently it is so hard to test because it regularly looks like this:

and we only have about 400 lines of code. Nothing that it can’t handle just fine. Is there something in our code that is impacting our performance this much or is it just Replit?

Link to project

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ngl it’s just replit fr


I can’t get anything done with the crap hardware they provide
It takes 1-2 minutes just to stop the repl… :frowning:


well there is something you can do. Basically replit loves “technically” meeting their requirements. This means that you get a .5 vCPU (mind you, this sucks on its on) but actually they get to use those resources to run their background stuff. Similar to recent contraveries where services such as doordash would pay people x amount of money & all the tip goes to the driver but the driver gets all the tip and instead of paying also x they will only pay enough to make the tip x. Thus, you can go to settings and disable code intelligence to disable the most intensive process which is a LSP that replit runs for code intellegence


Replit :heart: :moneybag:

so sad that the money has gotten to replit

already can see better performance thank you @bigminiboss