My Repls from over a month ago have disappeared

All my projects in My Repls from over a month ago have disappeared and I cannot find anything to retrieve them.

Hey there @jackkyleson64 , welcome to the forums!

According to the docs, you can restore a repl as so:

1. Go to your CLUI ← (that’s the link)


2. Go to trash

3. Go to restore-repl

4. Enter the name of the repl

(Note that a helpful list of recently deleted repl names pop up so it’s easier for you.)

You can also go to cli/trash/restore-repl for a direct link to the restore-repl button.


Not after it’s been deleted for that long though…

Well, the OP only said that repls created over a month ago disappeared, not that repls disappeared over a month ago.


Which is why I don’t understand why we’re assuming they deleted them.

@jackkyleson64 Make sure you’re using your same account as before and try looking at and your profile page. If you tried that and you don’t recall deleting any Repls, you could have either A. been hacked (low possibility) or B. a corruption of a part of Replit servers somehow (very unlikely). In the case of B, please contact

Edit: honestly in the case of both, contact support (lol)


I’m having a similar problem - my repls show up, but none of them have any files in them. They’re all just empty.

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If you don’t think it’s similar enough to this situation, you may want to make a different topic. Your issue could be caused by something else.

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