My Repl's are all gone

I had a few repl’s setup with code, and suddenly they are completely gone? I cannot find them at their original links and they are showing up in my list of repls anywhere.

Any clue whats going on?

Check that you aren’t in a folder like this

You can also use the cli to try and recover any deleted repls:



I’ve checked I’m not in a folder, even if I use browser history to go directly to the editor pages I was on before I get repl not found.

I’ll check the CLI when I’m back at a PC, but I certainly didn’t delete them, so that’d be very concerning if they were!

Hey @biggest-bombs!

Do you still have a link to the Repl handy so I can take a look?

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Hey Shane,

I had about 2-3, but they’re all gone now. One I have to hand is:

Application URL:

I have links to another AWOL one, but I’m limited to two messages per post so let me know if you need the second ones.

It looks like the Repl was deleted:

You can restore it by going to and running trash restore and giving it the name of the Repl

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