My replit won't load in at all

No matter what I do, my replit’s won’t load at all. I logged into three different devices and none of my files or folders load

Hello @jmaciasnunez!

Does your shell work? If so, try running “kill 1” inside the shell.

If they won’t load, then they won’t have access to the Shell.


shell doesnt work either, its frustrating since I use it to see where i have errors with my code. Replit has failed me multiple times. The same screen always shows up which is that the repl is booting but i get the same message that the connection failed and to refresh the tab but doing so just shows the same thing

Hi did you get a solution to this as I am having the same issue

Welcome to Ask @D4miTech!
Do you have a stable network connection?


Yes, my network is stable